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How to get BESCOM electricity connection?

BESCOM-Bangalore Electric Supply Company Limited is responsible for power distribution in Bangalore and other districts in Karnataka state. An electricity connection is usually required when you move out from your old house to a new one. To acquire this there are some procedures that need to be followed.  Electrical house wiring also has to be completed in all aspects.

Process requirements:

  • Fill up form A and submit it to the sub-division office of your area.
  • Contact your electricity retailer about a week before moving in with the details, and make sure you are clear about whether there will be any changes to the terms of your account at your new address – electricity rates can sometimes vary according to region.
  • If you are moving to a different retailer, contact your chosen retailer to arrange to open an account; keep your personal details and identification at hand (as well as the details of the property owner or real estate agent).
  • Once the application is submitted to the Sub-Division office, the Area Engineer will conduct a site visit to verify details.
  • If you are switching to a different electricity retailer at your new address but are still under contract with your old retailer, you may be required to pay an early exit fee if the plan is terminated before the agreed end date.
  • After the site visit, you will be issued a ‘Firm Quotation’ form by the sub-division office. The certificate gives the break-up of amount to be paid like SLC, SCC, security deposit and meter charges.
  • Pay the amount at the Division office.
  • Submit a wiring test report obtained from Government recognised electrical contractors with receipts of amount paid with the ‘Firm Quotation’ form to the sub-division office.
  • The same will be followed by another visit from the Area Engineer to test wiring and install the meter.

Required Documents for get a new electricity connection

  • House tax receipt or commercial certificate (in case of new house).
  • House tax receipt (in case of old house).
  • Copy of plan (in case of bungalow)
  • Electricity bill of your neighbor.
  • If applicant is not the owner of the house- Copy of lease-deed and latest receipt of house rent.
  • Caste Certificate (in case of SC/ST) to apply for discount in Service line charges (SLC) and Service connection charges (SCC).

Contact Person: To contact the concerned officer in your local area do have a look at here

Location: Find your local BESCOM office.

Do remember :( Important points: Checklist):

  • Contact your current retailer to organise disconnection at your old address.
  • Make sure you’re clear about the terms of your account at your new address – electricity rates can sometimes vary according to region.
  • Ensure that you use good quality wiring material and MCBs (Miniature Circuit Breakers) as main circuit cut-out, instead of ordinary Kit-Kat fuse set for higher safety standards.

How to Transfer the ownership of Bescom Meter?

Citizen can transfer the ownership of BESCOM meter in case of transfer of property, transfer of ownership to legal heir in case of death of property owner and transfer for other reasons.

  • NOC from builder or previous owner:  Get your no objection certificate from builder or previous owner to transfer electricity meter name.
  • Application from BESCOM: Fill up the application for transfer of ownership of electricity meter including the consumer number, previous owner’s details and your details.
  • Attested copy of sales deed: It is very important to enclose the attested copy of sales deed for showing the property is transferred from builder or previous owner to your name. Enclose the copy sales deed when submitting application or letter for transfer of ownership of electricity meter. Attestation can be easily done from notary or bank where you had taken loan against your property.
  • All Electric Home (AEH) form and indemnity bond form: These two forms can be obtained from BESCOM office. Indemnity bond form as per annexure I is important in case you are not the owner of premises.
  • Address proof: Need to enclose a copy of permanent address or details that prove your address. You need to enclose PAN card number if any. Application must contain your contact detail and telephone number.
  • Electricity bill: You need to enclose the last paid electricity bill and must clear any arrears before the transfer of ownership of electricity meter.

Procedure for transferring Electricity Meter

Write a letter on plain sheet to BESCOM requesting the transfer of ownership of electricity meter including consumer number, details of previous owner and your details. Enclose the documents and duly filled application with letter. Get your documents verified by Assistant Engineer or Junior Engineer (JE). JE will provide you report after verifying your report.

Submit the report at BESCOM office and pay fee for transferring the ownership it may range from Rs 100-200. Transferring ownership of electricity meter will take 7 to 15 days.

You will need to carry original documents of your property and Khata for verification documents. When transferring the ownership of electricity meter to legal heir incase of death of property owner, you need to carry death certificate or other evidence to prove you are legal heir of owner of property and there is no objection in transferring ownership to your name. Before transferring the ownership of electricity meter, you need to clear all arrears and pay difference if any.

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