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Chowdiah Memorial Hall



Host to plays, dance recitals, concerts and other events, Chowdaiah Memorial Hall is Bangalore's cultural hotspot. Established in 1980 as a tribute to famed violinist T. Chowdiah. The Chowdiah Memorial Hall, is named after the violin mastero Tirumakudalu Chowdiah, one of the most prominent landmarks in the city.

Designed in the shape of a violin, the venue is a hub of arts and culture, playing host to a wide array of events - ranging from classical music concerts, to theatre and drama, to prestigious quiz competitions.

Chowdaiah Memorial Hall is located on Sankey Road, in Bangalore, Karnataka. It was built in memory of the Violin maestro Chowdaiah K K Murthy a great lover of music and culture. This 1,100 seated auditorium is an architectural marvel built in the shape of a gigantic Violin.

Chowdaiah Memorial Hall, with modern acoustics including floodlights and spotlights, speakers and amplifiers, is a favorite venue for dance recitals, plays as well as occasional fashion show.

The violin shape. Chowdiah and violin were synonymous. That is why it took a violin shape, the exact copy of a seven stringed violin, complete with strings, the keys, the bow, the whole works.

It is unique for the reason that it is the first building in the shape of a musical instrument in the whole world. It is also the first ever memorial to a musician anywhere in India.

Many prestigious educational institutions and other commercial organisations as well, hold their cultural and entertainment programmes here. It is well suited for even seminars and university convocation ceremonies.

Memorial Hall has a very big stage with fully equipped green rooms on either side. It is also suitable for dramas, dance, opera, ballet, music concerts, screening of newsreels, film festivals, children's films, etc.


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